Doron York - CEO/ Chief Coaching Officer

“Business success is team play, not a personal agenda; I was fortunate to have that kind of coaching and training early in my career.”

Doron York has achieved more than 20 years of entrepreneurial success. He has started, built and sold several companies over the last 20 years. As a result of his successful entrepreneurial career Doron has developed an extraordinary ability to develop ordinary people into high performers. With vast experience in translating his vision into business realities, Doron managed his own businesses and at the same time provided coaching services to Fortune 100 companies, causing breakthrough results in a short time period. Thanks to his coaching, several companies reported 120%-200% increases in sales in 18-month cycles, as well as one client who reported a 25% increase in market share in just 10 months.

“There is no cause and effect relationship between time and money. The single tool one needs in order to make money is an unconditional commitment; the rest will follow.”

“18 years ago I had the privilege to engage myself in a coaching relationship that introduced me to my new career path, executive coaching. Through my personal experience as the person being coached, I have discovered my true gift in life, introducing ordinary people to the possibility of being extraordinary.”

His high level experience as an officer in the elite Navy SEAL along with his passion for business and human performance helped him leverage PAAR & Company into the “Navy SEAL” of coaching, which he distinguishes as High Impact Executive Coaching. The coaching model he has created combines more than 50 years of proven high performance leadership models that are second to none.

“While much of our coaching is about the people, it is far from “soft”. It’s not for everyone; it’s designed for the best of the best, the elite. This highly intense methodology of Management and Leadership or Operating Habits™ deals with the tough conversations of management design, that must be resolved for business leaders to accomplish that which is extraordinary — issues like commitment, accountability, integrity, giving and keeping one’s word, open and straight communication, trust, collaboration, empowering others to reach new levels and producing results. It has to do with people going beyond their perceived limits — individually and collectively — and doing it masterfully with power, consistency and ease.”

Our coaching methodology supports CEOs and top executives in large organizations in transforming their relationship to change and corporate evolution in a way that positively impacts their organization’s future forever.  Additionally it will enable them to propel their companies into the information age quickly and effectively.

Doron represents the possibility of what any business leader can be: a world where companies and organizations fulfill on their leadership challenges and visions.  Where they can operate from the future free of the past; a world that boldly dances in the unimaginable, with a powerful relationship to reality, team work, an unconditional contribution to community, and which lights the entrepreneurial spirit forever.

“My conditional guarantee to our clients – if you are fully committed to applying our body of knowledge, rigorously following our coaching methodology and practices with a high level of professionalism and work ethic, I promise specific and measurable long-lasting breakthrough business results way beyond your expectations or I will refund all of our fees”

It is a risk free proposition that not many companies are willing to make.

The question is, are you up for the challenge?


Doron York/ CCO & Senior Executive Coach

   West Bloomfield – Michigan 248.981.6688 Direct 248.266.3664 Ext. 101 Office


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