Executive Coaching

High Impact Executive Coaching™

is our signature program. It is a radical, highly disruptive and intrusive approach to professional coaching. It is designed especially for business leaders, senior managers and C-level corporate executives, who are on the front line. It provides a rock-solid and powerful spring-board for generating a high level of Management and Leadership Equity™ to insure your enterprise’s future.

Today’s world of corporate leadership is a constant and never ending stream of “Rough Water.” The volume, speed and complexity executives are forced to deal with in the current environment is at all-time record high.  Corporate executives will need to powerfully navigate their organization to win in any condition, anytime, anywhere. High Impact Executive Coaching is a critical and invaluable instrument for success.

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Our highly specialized engagements include:
  • The CEO Pathway

    This engagement is intended for senior corporate executives who are on a career path to assume the CEO position for the first time. It provides a solid approach to insure that they will create and deliver a powerful plan for the first 100 days in office. They will effectively establish their leadership foot prints across the enterprise in a relatively short time frame.

  • The Executive Branding

    This is designed for executives in the fast lane. For those executives who moved rapidly through their career development and have an urgent need to create and establish their professional and personal brand across the company in a visible and noticeable way.

  • The New Leader Intensive 

    This intense coaching engagement takes high level managers and or young executives that are on their career path for a future leadership position through an intensive leadership “bootcamp” and trun them into highly potential effective leaders.

  • High Potential Roadmap 

    This specialized coaching is targeted toward extraordinary managers and or team leaders in fast growing companies that are being marked as a future leader in the enterprise. It provides a powerful personal development roadmap to insure they will develop and excel in the rapid pace.

  • The Executive Reinvention 

    This is one of our signature coaching engagements. It serves as an intervention for those executives and business leaders that are experiencing loss of power or a decline in their ability to perform. This extraordinary coaching methodology puts business professionals back on track in unheard of time frames, with freedom and ease.

The High Impact Executive Coaching™ framework initiates a self-exploration process that prompts a major shift in the design of your thinking and acting, as distinct from any temporary “quick-fix” that has long lasting impact on your leadership abilities.

You will develop a strong facility in the following areas:
  • Discovering your leadership DNA
  • Establishing your executive presence in visible and noticeable ways
  • Staying true to your purpose – Finding your “North Star”
  • Leading from a created vision
  • Converting problems and breakdowns into unprecedented opportunities
  • Living your life to the max
  • Boosting your financial viability
  • Creating dramatic increases in intimacy and relatedness in and at work
  • Experiencing dramatic increases in the experience of power in the face of any circumstances
  • And more…

Today’s world of business and corporate leadership is changing rapidly. Business leaders will require change and to change now, or stay behind and become an irrelevant resource. There is always someone at the door aiming for your job, it is that simple.

We promise that you will be empowered and enabled to create specific and measurable outcomes in what you are committed to accomplishing. You will be empowered to make a positive impact not previously possible with your business, job, or career so as to be effective in translating mere possibilities into actual realities.

Ask yourself, does your career have the [Executive Edge]?

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  • About The Company
    PAAR & Company is a global enterprise that specializes in the impossible. We are in the business of coaching corporate leaders in advancing forward those areas that are making an immediate, relevant and positive impact on their leadership presence and that are highly critical to the sustainability of their enterprise.