The eDrive Track™ – Business Leadership Coaching

Starting a business requires more than just a good idea, an “entrepreneurial fever” and a “boat load” of passion to succeed. For most businesses the learning curve can be very long and at a very high cost. Only a selected few businesses are able to emerge and scale quickly and effectively. About 1 out of 10 startups make it.

eDrive TrackPAAR Coaching offers a variety of exceptional coaching engagements which will equip business owners with the management and leadership tools alongside with solid practices. This will cause them to work ON – (Zoom-Out) their business while at the same time work IN – (Zoom-In) their business and do it masterfully with ease and without any loss of power.

Whatever the “symptoms” a business exhibits, positive or negative, are directly correlated to the way the owner, entrepreneur manages themselves and their business. It is their critical thinking that generates the Operating Habits which is the most critical determining factor of the business performance now, and in the future.

We have designed a series of engagements which will provide startups and entrepreneurs with the necessary velocity and power.

The Entrepreneurial Startup Pathway™ services include:
  • Highly Disruptive Entrepreneurial Management Coaching
  • High Impact Business Management Tune-Up
  • High Powered Business Startup Roadmap
  • Rapid Business Planning
  • Capital Campaign Conditioning
  • Business “Stress Test”
  • Business Modeling
  • Progressive Organization Design
  • Management & Board of Directors assembly
  • Executive Management Realignment
  • Management Compatibility Assessment – Ensuring the Right People are in the Right Job
  • Pre-Merger Management Conditioning™
  • Post-Merger Management Realignment™
  • Merger & Acquisition Optimization™
  • Business Scalability Design™
  • Competency-Centered Enterprise
  • Operation Excellence™

Our coaching methodology is based on the most fundamental factors of business leadership combined with practical management practices and breakthrough thinking. Our approach strategic intent is to ground the business owner(s) in the reality of entrepreneurial business management, and powerfully put them in the driver’s seat, where they need to be.

If you are a new or first time business owner, you cannot afford not to take it on. Smart people learn from their own experience, (High cost) wise people learn from other people’s experience (low cost). Preparation is everything. Practice it, polish it before you do it, your success ratio will dramatically increase!

We know what investors are listening to. We will coach you to have the Million Dollar Voice. First impression is hard to change. You have one shot to impress a potential investor; can you take the chance to miss the mark?

Are you in the “Driver’s Seat”?

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  • About The Company
    PAAR & Company is a global enterprise that specializes in the impossible. We are in the business of coaching corporate leaders in advancing forward those areas that are making an immediate, relevant and positive impact on their leadership presence and that are highly critical to the sustainability of their enterprise.