High Impact Disruptive Business Coaching

It is a radical coaching framework designed especially for business owners, serial entrepreneurs, and startups. It provides a unique, current and ground-breaking management and leadership development model.

We offer a variety of exceptional engagements that will equip business owners with the management and leadership tools and practices that will cause you to work ON – (Zoom-Out) your business while at the same time work IN – (Zoom-In) your business and do it masterfully with ease and without any loss of power. Whatever the “symptoms” your business exhibit, positive or negative, are directly correlated to the way you manage your business. It is your critical thinking that generates the operating habits which most critical determining factors of the performance of your business.


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Our highly specialized entrepreneurial engagements include:
  • Highly Disruptive Business Makeover Coaching

    This is designed for entrepreneurs and business owners that experiencing, issues, challenges, difficulties and or loss of power in their ability to manage their business effectively. The coaching intends to disrupt and dismantle noneffective management operating habits and replace them with a productive framework that will put the business back on track for success in a very short time frame.

  • High Impact Business Management Tune-Up

    This engagement is for business owners and high-level entrepreneurs that are highly successful and their business is performing well, yet they are not satisfied with the current level of performance and desire to reach higher benchmarks of management excellence. The coaching is intended to Tune-Up their business thinking and acting creates and ignite a new and inspiring future and propel them into a new and exciting pathway of discovery and accomplishments.

  • High Powered Startup Coaching

    This coaching framework is designed for serial entrepreneurs and new business owners that embark on a new venture. The coaching focuses on the critical thinking and ways of operating that are required in order putting the business on a path for success right out of the gate. The coaching serves as an assurance that you will develop and operate consistently and effectively with a strategic plan to increase the probability of the business being financially viable, sustainable and on a path for growth.

Our framework is designed to give you key business distinctions that will empower you to ensure your business success, while at the same time, providing it in a fashion, which is simple, powerful and effective. It works on all of three level of business success: Foundation – Application – Operation.

We will powerfully coach you and your team to produce the following outcomes:
      • Creating a powerful business vision – your “North Star” and staying true to its purpose
      • Leading effectively through strategic thinking
      • Translating your vision into actions and outcomes
      • Powerfully branding and distinguishing your business in the marketplace
      • Creating an environment where your company is a fun place to work
      • Nurturing, developing and empowering the people around you
      • Simplifying the strategic planning process
      • Creating a high level business E.P.R – Engagement-Participation-Results
      • Dramatically boosting your businesses financial viability
      • Accelerating the rate of producing unpredictable breakthrough business results
You will develop a strong facility in the following areas:
        • Setting and delivering S.M.A.R.T goals
        • Eliciting extraordinary participation and performance from others
        • Converting problems and breakdowns into unprecedented breakthroughs
        • Living your life fully and with a high degree of balance
        • Creating dramatic increases in your satisfaction and enjoyment in and at work
        • Making the right choices for your business

It is based on the most fundamental factors of business leadership combined with practical management  practices and break-through methodologies, proven to ground you in the reality of entrepreneurial business management, and powerfully put you in the driver’s seat, where you need to be.

You will invent a new and exciting future that engages moves and inspires you, your people, and your stakeholders, a future that enables you to fulfill your vision and do it now!

Are you certain your’ in the
[Drivers’ Seat]?

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  • About The Company
    PAAR & Company is a global enterprise that specializes in the impossible. We are in the business of coaching corporate leaders in advancing forward those areas that are making an immediate, relevant and positive impact on their leadership presence and that are highly critical to the sustainability of their enterprise.