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Innovative Approach

Our High Impact coaching framework is the most relevant, immediate and actionable working model that is available in the market today. By most coaching professional is being considered second to none. It is designed with over 18 years of practical coaching experience working with over 2000 plus clients worldwide. It is not what we say, it is what our clients say that counts!

Benchmark Results

Over the last 18 years our clients reported benchmark results range from as low as 3 times to as high as 6000 times R.O.C -Return on Coaching, which establish PAAR & Company as a game changer and an industry leader. Our High Impact coaching framework is all about results, measurable, quantified and visible business results. If we can’t prove it, we should refund our fees. It is that simple.

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Our core coaching services providing critical conversations, management distinctions, tools, leadership models and best practices that allow business leaders access creating and fulfilling, Big, Harry, Audacious Futures – BHAF now.

Clients that engaged in our coaching was able to do so with high degree of power, ease and full self-expression, while establishing a new benchmark of leadership excellence.


I m m e d I a t e – R e l e v a n t – A c t i o n a b l e


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Executive Coaching

High Impact Executive Coaching™ is our signature program. It is a radical, highly disruptive and intrusive approach to professional coaching. It is designed especially for business leaders, senior managers and C-level corporate executives, who are on the front line.


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Business Coaching

Highly Disruptive Business Management Coaching™ is a radical framework designed especially for business owners, serial entrepreneurs and startup’s that provides a unique, current and ground-breaking management and leadership tool –box that is second to none.


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Corporate Intrapreneurship

Creating a successful corporate Intrapreneurship initiative requires a lot more than just creativity.  It is about shifting the corporate management “Mindset” to allow intrapreneurship to exist within the corporation as a valid and necessary way of doing business.


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Management Advisory

Working across various industries and vertical markets, we have created a Fringe-of-Thought™ consulting approach  that is a global benchmark in Human Capital development that positively impact your organization value, sustainability and stakeholder’s equity.


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“Profit in business comes from repeat customers, customers that boast about your project or service, and that bring friends with them.”

– W Edwards Deming

  • About The Company
    PAAR & Company is a global enterprise that specializes in the impossible. We are in the business of coaching corporate leaders in advancing forward those areas that are making an immediate, relevant and positive impact on their leadership presence and that are highly critical to the sustainability of their enterprise.