Case Study - Senior Executive Coaching

Jul 14 2000
By: Doron York
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CS No. 000614 – Financial Services
Fortune 500 Financial Institution – New York, NY.

The Engagement

Coaching a SVP responsible for Client Services within the Investment Management Group

The Challenges

A fairly young talented executive with an excellent career track record recently was promoted to a highly demanding fast paced business environment and was facing the following:

  • Overworked and overwhelmed
  • High level of personal stress
  • Lack of balance between family and work (a mother of 3 young boys) that caused friction at home
  • Complete dissatisfaction in and at work
  • Facing a decision to end her brilliant career at a very early stage
The Predictable Future

With no change or drastic intervention the executive will:

  • Continue to struggle with the accountability
  • Face increasing stress levels
  • Reach a point of no return and quit
The Coaching Engagement Objectives and Committed Outcomes
  • To create a balance between home and work
  • To develop new Operating Habits that will cause freedom and ease in and at work
  • Develop a new personal management system that will dramatically reduce the stress level
  • To reinvent her career path towards fulfillment and satisfaction
The Results

After 12 months of High Impact Coaching and with a budget of $45K the client caused the following business results:

  • Business client retention increased by 32%
  • Client rating elevated to all time high
  • Moved to a 5 day work week with no more than 10 hours day
  • Stopped working on weekends and evenings
Other Personal Accomplishments
  • Was selected to be on the Chairman’s talent list
  • Received an Executive of the Year award
  • Was promoted twice in 24 months ( offered her boss’s boss job and accepted)
  • 48% increase in her personal compensation
What did the client say?

“I was very skeptical at first about taking on the coaching. I couldn’t see what the coach possibly offers me; after all I am Yale MBA graduate. Boy was I surprised. The bottom line is: The coaching saved my career and my marriage. I have learned how much I do not know and yes, how arrogant I can be. It worked way beyond my expectations. I have been and am currently recommending coaching as a form of professional development to all of my staff and my peers”

SVP- Client services
Investment Management Group

The R.O.C – (Return on Coaching)

Based on a conversation with the Global Human Resource Director, the return was more than 100 times the investment!

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