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Mar 09 2003
By: Doron York
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PAAR & Company CEO – Doron York Top Rated Speaker: “Transformational Management Design” one of the highest rated TMA events ever.

The art of corporate transformation – The Turnaround Management Association seeks for competitive advantage to succeed in today’s business environment, organizations worldwide are being forced to listen to the “voice” within. Corporate leaders will have to customize and tailor all of their strategic change efforts to the specific and unique needs of their organization’s personality.

Despite the careful planning of the operational aspects of a corporate change, many managers and executives have ignored the human element; they ignore the impact of changes in job descriptions and corporate environment on people’s state of mind. Ultimately, employees are the backbone of any company. As one of corporate America’s most respected CEOs said; “No matter what business you think you are in, you are in the people business”. Aligning corporate change initiatives with your employee’s inner workings – their emotions and reactions – as well as the necessary operational adjustments can boost the success rate of any corporate restructuring and transformational change initiative. – said York

York leads his participants through an introduction to the basics of Transformational Management and the fundamentals design of Breakthrough Coaching Technology.  Additionally, York takes a direct approach by having companies executives and turnaround consulting firms increase their focus heavily on the corporate Human Capital in undertaking breakthrough outcomes for their organization and their clients. Presently, York has reached over 10,000 attendees in his career speaking in front of many professional organizations worldwide.

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