Corporate Learning Curriculum Inventory

True learning really happens when one is willing to consciously and intentionally fail over and over again before becoming very good at something

– Doron York


Communication & Critical Conversations
  • Communication for action – The Language of Champions
  • Critical Conversation when the Stake are High
  • Managing for Breakdowns (Murphy Law)
Emotional Intelligence
  • Working with different personality types
  • Emotional Intelligence Level (1)
  • Emotional Intelligence Level (2)
  • Emotional Intelligence Application & Practice
Engagement & Participation
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Leading a Diversified and Cross Cultural Workplace
  • Conflict & Resolution Management
  • Key for effective delegating
  • Conducting and effective meetings
  • Collaborative Team Leadership
  • High Performance Team Building
  • Managing Creative and Innovative Space
  • The Leadership E.P.R Matrix
Critical Thinking
  • Date Intelligence for Leaders
  • Critical Problems Solving
Effective Decision Making
  • Mastering the Praeto Principle
  • Decision Making Mapping
Adaptability to Change
  • Adjusting to Stress and Change
  • Leading and Managing During Time of Change
Strategic & Tactical Ability
  • Strategic Thinking Mindset
  • Tactical Operating Habits
Presentation & Representation
  • Facilitation Skis for Leaders
  • Designing and effective presentations
Empowering & Developing Others
  • Coaching Skills for Leaders
  • Managing by Accountability
  • Creating Condition of Satisfaction
Executive Presence
  • You, Inc: Creating your Executive Brand
  • Creating your leadership NDA
  • Communication with Power vs. Force
Personal Productivity
  • Mastering the Time Bank System
  • Negotiating Work-flow
  • First thing first – The art of managing resources
  • Mastering the Scale of Signicinace
  • Mastering the Performance States
Corporate Intrapreneurship -NEW!
  • Corporate program design
  • Curriculum Development
  • Line of Champions development
  • Incubators management
  • Executive Training
Each Learning Module workshop includes:
  • Full or half day setup
  • The First half-day is dedicated to the learning environment
  • The second half-day is dedicated to practicing in groups
  • A total of two 90 minutes follow up group coaching sessions to be completed within 14 days of the actual workshop
  • One 90 minute group completion session
  • All coursework materials
  • Certificate of completion
  • Two highly qualified senior executive coaches /trainers

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