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Jan 14 2004
By: Doron York
Categories: Case Studies
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CS No. 040122 – Information Technology – SVP of Operation
Fortune 1000 Data Service Company – Irvin TX.

The Engagement:

Coaching a Senior VP in Technology Operation during his transition to a new position.

The Challenges:

During the past 5 years the business continued to stagnate with some areas declining to the point of a critical state. The managing executive was facing the following:

  • Managing a division that was on the decline with a low consumer rating
  • Struggling to maintain the current book of business which was continuing to shrink
  • Managing an unmotivated workforce with low moral
  • About to lose his job and all of his career accomplishments

The Predictable Future:

If there is no intervention or drastic change, the following is the most probable future:

  • The parent company will discontinue the product line and shut the business down
  • About 600 people will lose their jobs
  • The executive will find himself out of a job
  • He will have to start his career path all over again at the age of 52

The Coaching Objectives and Committed Outcomes


  • To turn the division around
  • To save as many jobs as possible
  • To elevate the overall customer rating


  • To create an exit strategy by design vs. by default
  • To develop a new level of leadership
  • To develop the ability to provide effective management in a state of constant breakdowns
  • To be able to stand powerfully in the face of uncertainty

The Results

After an intense 16 months of coaching with an investment of $60K, the client produced the following extraordinary results:

  • Turned around the division from losing money to a positive cash flow
  • Architected and negotiated a buyout by its competitor for twice the expected price
  • Secured 380 jobs
  • Was offered a senior position in the parent company headquarters
  • Exited from his current company to accept a CEO position within the acquiring company
  • His personal compensation increased over 360%

What did the client say?

“For me the bottom line is simple, if I had not taken on the coaching at this point in my career, it would probably be over. I have grown in those 16 month more that I have in all of my years in business. I say; you CAN teach an old dog new tricks. I am testament to it. Without a doubt (believe me I had many of them) High Impact Coaching is a phenomenal methodology that every leader should use. It literally saved me and gave me a new lease on my career”

The R.O.C – (Return on Coaching)

While very difficult to be accurate, one could say
conservatively at least 1000% time over!

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