Enabling Corporate Reinvention™

In order to successfully reinvent any enterprise, you need to reinvent its leaders first!

Doron York, Founder & CEO – PAAR & Co.

The Context:

Our experience working with many organizations worldwide, clearly shows that the success of any corporate transformation and reinvention initiative has a direct correlation to a dramatic increase in the organization’s Leadership Equity™. Essentially, such success demands that the current “leadership habits” that led the organization to its current path and performance state need to be dramatically altered.

PAAR Coaching provides a unique methodology and approach by assembling a front line team of experts that support and coach senior leaders to powerfully navigate the complex reinvention and restructuring environment with minimal disruption, while providing significant and immediate impact.

The Matrix:

  • Commitment to change- Organizationally and Culturally
  • Willingness to change – Individually
  • Ability to change – Processes, Systems and Finance

Our team members are experts in transforming the environment of corporate leadership, from one that is populated by conditions and concerns, to one that embodies power and effective actions. Our prime focus is to alter the organization leadership culture so as to command the emergence of a new organizational future, which is effective, vibrant, and built to last beyond any past precedent.

  The Process:

  • Overall Leadership Equity™ Assessment
  • Executive Management Realignment
  • Reinvent the Leadership and Management Constitution
  • Reevaluating the Management Decision-Making Process
  • Management Compatibility Assessment – Ensuring the Right People are   in the Right Job
  • Eliminate old and ineffective Leadership Habits- Completing the past
  • Develop a new set of Leadership Winning Habits
  • Rollout and Implementation Mapping
  • Provide High Impact Coaching for Critical Leaders

The Deliverables:

  • An organization cultural DNA (Distinct Narrative Attribute)™ Mapping
  • A new and fresh Organizational Strategic Intent
  • A new Leadership Constitution™
  • A New Corporate Strategy and Source Documents
  • A Corporate Communication Strategy – Internally and Externally

The Measures and Outcomes:

  • A noticeable and visible increases in shareholders’ value
  • Key indicators for performance improvement over time
  • Significant increases per-employee productivity output
  • A Higher level of employee satisfaction rating
  • A noticeable change in customer experience and satisfaction rating

As a team our intent and commitment is that when our work is done, we leave the client with the capability and capacity, tools and practices that will insure it continues the evolution that ultimately will emerge as a new and distinct vibrant and viable economic entity.

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  • About The Company
    PAAR & Company is a global enterprise that specializes in the impossible. We are in the business of coaching corporate leaders in advancing forward those areas that are making an immediate, relevant and positive impact on their leadership presence and that are highly critical to the sustainability of their enterprise.