Corporate Intrapreneurship

Intrapreneurship defined – The ability for corporation to grant their employees the freedom to create a business within your business and to run it independently and with full control.

It’s time to re-ignite passion, purpose and innovation into your corporate environment!


Intrapreneurship can have many meanings — you can’t even successfully run spell check on the word. However, Intrapreneurship can lead to amazing results in product development and innovation within a company or corporation. Intrapreneurship means to encourage employees in developing their own concepts, ideas, innovations, and dreams into solid plans of action that benefit themselves and their corporation.

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Creating a successful corporate Intrapreneurship initiative requires a lot more than just creativity. It is not about innovation and new products only. It is about shifting the corporate management “Mindset” to allow intrapreneurship to exist within the corporation as a valid way of doing business.

The Business Case for Corporate Intraprenurship:

The complexity, speed and volume in today’s business world are staggering. Combine it with the critical generational gap, poses new challenges for large corporation worldwide.

In order to gain back the ability to be highly competitive, large corporations will be require having a major shift in how they, recruit, train and manage the new workforce.

Newsflash! – The millennials are at the gate!

It is a whole new ball game. This is the generation that according to many experts is the generation that will change the world. They are independent, free spirited, self-confident and highly connected. They more interested in having a purpose than a mission and or a goal. They are driven by deep connection to the environment and social living. They value less information and knowledge and more attuned to experience, they learn throughout doing, i.e. failures and success, they quick to learn and much less ego centered than any generation before and they will change jobs and careers, 6-8 times in their life time.

The corporate culture:

Many corporations worldwide are still operating in highly complex management and leadership structure with many layers of reporting and decision making process. That makes them less connected and attentive to the internal and external needs. It is time to change.

The challenge:

Many corporations worldwide are struggling to make the shift. It creates the following core fundamental challenges:

  • Create and maintain their competitive advantage
  • Recruit and retain critical talent
  • Drive innovation
  • Ability to sustain their market position
  • Maintain high level of profitability

Today’s business environment makes it possible to many smaller companies to compete head to head with the large corporation every day. The information technology gives access to critical information to anyone regardless to size and reduce dramatically the barrier to market entry. As they say; today businesses do not own or control their brand anymore, their employees and their customers do.

So what do we do?

The answer is Intrapreneurship – creating the business within the business.  Creating Intrapreneurial workplace that drives the following:

  • Highly engaging and rewarding experience
  • Allow high level of individual contribution
  • Critical environment of personal growth and development
  • Sense of purpose and belonging
  • Existing, invigorating and challenging workday flow

PAAR & Co is a world pioneer in Corporate Intrapreneurship. With over 20 years of entrepreneurial coaching experience, we have created second-to-non Intrapreneurship coaching methodology to help global corporation make the necessary transition and changes with power and ease.

We coach C-Level and senior executives in making a major mind shift in how they lead and mange their organization into the new millennium, while maintain high level of competitiveness and performance, while making their workforce highly attractive.

Does your organization have the [Intrapreneurial Edge]?

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