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Jun 11 2005
By: Doron York
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CS No. 050609 – Non-Profit The Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan

The Engagement

Coaching the CEO in changing and redesigning the business model to a powerful and profitable one.

The Challenge

After 15+ years serving the Michigan community, the foundation faced one of its most difficult years of operation. The main revenue sources of the foundation – United Way, the U.S.Government, and other third parties – significantly reduced their contribution dollars. The foundation executives predicted a huge deficit, and were challenged by how to replace the lost income and leverage corporate dollars.

Moreover, staff morale was at an all-time low.

The Predictable Future

Without intervention and/or re-invention, the foundation would find itself in the following drift:

  • The deficit would continue to grow
  • The United Way’s reduction in its contribution would decrease by 12.5% as opposed to the anticipated 10%
  • The operating deficit would continue to grow
  • Corporate dollars would continue to decline
  • Staff morale would continue to deteriorate
  • The foundation would face the possibility of closing its doors

The Breakthrough Targets were as follows:

  1. Create new sources of revenue
  2. Create a new and innovative business plan
  3. Reduce operating costs
  4. Increase staff morale

The Results

By year-end, the foundation had accomplished the following:

  • (1) The year ended with a surplus instead of a deficit
  • (2) Staff was reduced by 40% over the previous year
  • (3) The foundation touched the same number of lives
  • (4) The foundation created and cultivated relationships with several major local corporations
  • (5) An innovative marketing plan was implemented
  • (6) Four major successful fundraising events were delivered in the last quarter. These events generated over 60% of the overall annual revenue
  • (7) The staff was rejuvenated and was excited about the new future
  • (8) The board became much more active
  • (9) The revenue projection for 2005 was to exceed the target by 15%

What did the client say?

“From the coaching, the most useful take away for me is the shift in my personal thinking about approaching the Foundation as a business. After 15 years in the nonprofit sector, I realized that it is no different than leading and managing a for- profit business. It has made a huge impact on my ability to build business relationships for the future and to exceed our target. I am much more energetic and optimistic than I have been in years.”

Arlene S. Gorelick, MPH – President

The R.O.C (Return On Coaching):

Based on the year end financials, the coaching generated 4 times R.O.I.

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