C-Level Management Coaching

Apr 11 2004
By: Doron York
Categories: Case Studies
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CS No. 041117 – Fortune 500 Corporation
A Fortune 500 Food Manufacturing Co located in Decatur Illinois.

The Engagement:

Coaching a senior level management team in turning the struggling division into a highly profitable business.

The Challenge:

This company had a $50 million revenue division manufacturing specialty products for use in food products and for industrial applications. The division was administered as part of a $1 billion commodity products division. Manufacturing consisted of seven small production plants scattered across 6 states in isolated locations. The division was generating a mediocre $500,000 in operating income on $50 million in sales and had been stagnant for years.

The Predictable Future:

  • No growth in sales or operating income for a period of years.
  • Lack of leadership in establishing the direction for the business.
  • Lack of capacity to launch new, high margin, specialty products.
  • A need for capital investment to address the lack of capacity.
  • A lack of communication between the manufacturing locations for capacity and talent allocation.
  • The division would be shut down or sold off piecemeal for lack of return on invested capital.

The Breakthrough Targets:

  • Identify and implement structural changes to the business and its management to improve profitability.
  • Address the capacity issues.
  • Establish a direction and management culture to allow the business to grow in the future.

The Action Plan:

  • Established a management structure to run the business as a specialty business rather than as a commodity business.
  • Modify the commodity division accounting system to break out the specialty division accounting separately, allowing the individual plant economic performance and product line profitability to be evaluated.
  • Established each plant as a free standing profit center.
  • Closed and sell one unprofitable plant.
  • Changed out two of seven plant managers to instill new life and fresh ideas into the plants.
  • Eliminated several unprofitable product lines which made capacity available.
  • Eliminated the need for capital investment by using the now available capacity for new, high margin products that were waiting on the capital investment.

The Breakthroughs:

Over a period of 18 months of executive coaching, the division moved to an annual operating income of $5 million/year, up from $500,000/year.

The business culture was changed from running a commodity division of high volume, low margin manufacturing to a specialty culture of low volume, high performance, and high margin products.

The plants now ran as free standing profit centers but functioned as a team to allocate both personnel and production capacity across the division to maximize the profitability of the specialty division as a whole.

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