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imagesMEFHSOAGOur team of experienced business professionals has created a progressive management consulting methodology that promises to cause dramatic augmentation in your organization shareholders’ value, sustainability and Leadership Equity.

bookOur team has a vast experience working across various organizations and business systems in a variety of industries and vertical markets.  We have developed a global benchmark in Human Capital Development Systems [HCDS]. Our senior staff is well conversed and holds a high level of expertise in the concerns and conditions of progressive organizational development.

We are experts in organizational management. We understand and appreciate the compelling forces that hold people captive in their current thinking that limit their actions to that which is predictable. Therefore, we have developed proprietary consulting practices and methodologies that effectively dissolve current thinking, change perception and behavior, and invigorate imagination. Our process moves organizations away from thought-traps of the past, generating fresh perspectives, unprecedented actions and unexpected performance. What emerges is a breakthrough, an agile enterprise – an enterprise capable of producing extraordinary outcomes anywhere, any time, under any circumstances, time and time again.

PAAR Business Advisors & Strategic Partners

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PAAR innovative executive advisory platform provides a new paradigm in organizational performance. We have developed engagements, working models and practices to provide corporate executives and senior business leaders with the necessary edge in the following practice areas:

Organizational Development



  • Enabling Corporate Reinvention™
  • Business Transformation Readiness™
  • Pre-Merger Conditioning™
  • Organizational effectiveness
  • Cross cultural organization design
  • Trend Anthropology
  • Innovation and White Space lab
  • Creative Ideation Process The “Deep Dive”
  • Corporate Sustainability Platforms
  • Organizational Mapping™
  • Organizational Performance Strategy

Human Capital Management



  • Leadership Pipeline Management
  • Corporate Talent Development
  • Executive Development Academy
  • Corporate Knowledge Management
  • eLearning Platforms Developments
  • Corporate Universities Design and Management

Organizational Management



  • Strategic Organizational Planning
  • Strategic Execution
  • Quality Management
  • Lean Management Conditioning
  • Business Scalability Design
  • Competency-Centered Enterprise
  • Operation Excellence Benchmarking™
  • Organizational Performance Assessment™
  • Post-Merger Management Realignment™
  • Merger & Acquisition Optimization™

Business Strat Up                     



  • Strategic Business Plan Development
  • Market Feasibility Studies
  • Opportunity- Risk Assessment
  • Strategic Business Modeling
  • Management Dashboard Development
  • Business Scalability Mapping
  • Business Sustainability Platforms Development
  • Forensic Financial Analysis
  • Financial Projection Modeling
  • Interim Management Team Mapping
  • Capital Campaign Conditioning
  • Licensing and Royalty Negotiations
  • Board of Directors Development

Capital Campaign                   



  • Business Plan Assessments & Tune Up
  • Mastering the numbers “Game”
  • Creating a “Killer” Investor Presentation
  • Power Presentation Tactics & Practice
  • Developing the “Million Dollar Voice”
  • Investor Profiling
  • Finding “smart” Money
  • Speaking to the Investor(s) Listening
  • Negotiating on your feet (Real Time)
  • Closing technics
  • Term Sheet Preparation

Marketing & Communication



  • Rapid Market Analysis
  • Market Data Intelligence
  • Develop a Brand Strategy Platform
  • Mapping your business “Story Telling”
  • Creating a strategic Marketing Plan
  • Designing a Marketing Campaign
  • Marketing Measurement & Matric
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Building an attractive web presence
  • Corporate Communication Strategy

Our approach is based on the following critical stages:












  • Assess[ing] – We deploy state of the art organization and leadership diagnostics and assessment tools in order to construct a vivid and accurate display of the organizational performance culture, behavioral factors and orientation.
  • Analyz[ing] – Using our Management Dashboard we analyze and translate the data against the organization’s strategic intent into a Gap Analysis Mapping Ethos [GAME].
  • Strategiz[ing] – Using the GAME we will create the organizational future design strategy in order to minimize all of the gaps and create a new organizational human capital advantage.
  • Condition[ing]-implementing an organizational conditioning plan to insure a high level of
    adaptation and alignment.
  • Execut[ing] – Mobilizing the enterprise into action. With the management team we will start implementing the organizational changes in methodical and effective ways.
  • Impact[ing] – Coaching, mentoring and providing an ongoing support to the management team to insure a consistent flow of outstanding results.

Our Advisory Platform, which is time-tested, has been proven to be highly effective. It is designed to take companies through a process that will evolve their business from just another “company” to an authentic, intuitive and progressive human brand that builds an exceptional shareholders’ value.


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  • About The Company
    PAAR & Company is a global enterprise that specializes in the impossible. We are in the business of coaching corporate leaders in advancing forward those areas that are making an immediate, relevant and positive impact on their leadership presence and that are highly critical to the sustainability of their enterprise.