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Nov 29 2010
By: Doron York
Categories: Case Studies
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CS No. 030911 – Financial Services: A 10 year old minority-owned financial service company in Southfield, MI.

The Engagement

Coaching third generation managing partners in redesigning their business and their future.

The Breakthrough Target

The breakthrough targets were as follows:

  • Breakthrough in the ability to generate revenue
  • Increase the firm’s market share
  • Creation of a viable operating model
  • Deliver the firm’s value proposition
  • Creation of a bold future for the company

The Results!

After eight months of coaching we produced some remarkable breakthroughs towards the company’s future:

  • Company increased revenue by 166% year-over-year
  • Profit rose from $18K in loss to $33K in profit an increases of 84%
  • The firm relocated the main office to a premier location in a high traffic business district
  • Created a bold strategic intent for the company that reached years into the future
  • The firm introduce three new services that resulted in a new line of business with high potential profit center

The R.O.C

After 14 months into the engagement, the managing partners currently evaluate the R.O.C at minimum of 12 times! (1200%)

  • About The Company
    PAAR & Company is a global enterprise that specializes in the impossible. We are in the business of coaching corporate leaders in advancing forward those areas that are making an immediate, relevant and positive impact on their leadership presence and that are highly critical to the sustainability of their enterprise.