February 2013

Management Team Coaching

Feb 14 2013
By: Doron York
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CS No. 030912 – dSPACE Inc. / Advance Electronic Technology & Engineering Services A 18 year old German-owned US subsidiary located in Wixom, MI.

The Engagement

The engagement was divided into the following objectives:

  • To assess the current management talent and assist the current President  with the company leadership development
  • To assist the senior management team in redesigning the company to accommodate the market demands
  • To coach the Director of Engineering in creating a new management team and redesigning the operation workflow

The Company Profile

The business unit was operating for 12-15 years as a sales organization for the parent company in Germany. The company has been operating with a very lean management structure in a directive and controlled environment.  Despite the economic crises the company experienced rapid growth which forced the management team to undertake the restructuring effort.

The challenges:

  • To move away from the controlled environment to a more open and engaging workflow.
  • How to create independent operations and maintain a consistent representation of the parent company’s brand in the US.
  • Align on a strategic plan that will give the company the competitive advantage it needs to breakthrough to the next level of performance.
  • To transform the chaos in the operations and production to a more stable and organized environment.
  • The stress level in operations especially in the Q4 of each year was very high, resulted in high employees’ turnover and difficulties in maintaining the necessary talent.

The Results!

After 18 months of coaching we produced some remarkable breakthroughs towards the company’s future:

  • The company established a senior management team with a clear vision.
  • For the first time the company has undertaken creating a strategic business plan in collaboration with, and input of all members of the management team.
  • The Engineering and Production Department is now organized with a management team of 7 who are responsible for all aspects of the business operations and production.
  • Despite the economic crises and through the corporate restructuring process the company maintained a consistent book of business with small increases in volume.
  • The stress level in operation is reduced dramatically.
  • The company is on track to noticeably exceed the last two years of booking.

It is what the clients say that counts:

“I met Doron York, founder and CEO of PAAR & Company (Former Business Edge International) after hearing his presentation at a MSED meeting mid-year. We started an engagement with Doron about October of last year. Since then he has conducted periodic coaching sessions with me as well as with a handful of my staff. The sessions have been both one on one and in groups. The improvement in the energy and ownership displayed by my staff has been remarkable. This has been one of the wiser investments that I have made for dSPACE.”

Kevin Kott – President dSPACE Inc.

The R.O.C

After 18 months into the engagement, the company currently evaluates the R.O.C at minimum of 6 times! (600%)

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