September 2012

Run for your life!

Sep 13 2012
By: Doron York
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You may have heard the saying “Starting and running a successful business is a marathon not a sprint”. Well, I believe that’s true.  Additionally, it doesn’t matter how you start the run, it matters how you finish it. In my many years as a coach I have too often seen startup companies burst out of the starting gate at a sprint pace and before you know it they are running out of air (Resources that is).

Watching the recent Olympics I paid particularly close attention to the long distance runners, from the 1500m to the marathon runners.  My observations confirmed my assertion that it involves a particular strategy much more than just pure athleticism.

In business the same rules apply. It requires more than passion, great ideas and hard work to make a business a winner.  It requires entrepreneurs to manage his/her resources in a way that will carry them to finish line with some air left in their lungs.

Here are some power tips on how to run your marathon – starting and running your business that is:

  1. Strategize and focus on the finish line not the starting line – calculate the distance you need to cover and organize your resources to align with it.
  2. Run at your pace not the runners around you – have your own goals and make sure your actions are consistent with them. Focus on your breathing not your strides – managing your resources is more important than managing your actions. If you run out of resources, so goes your business.
  3. Plan your breakaway in advance – know your numbers and when to break away from the pack. As the saying goes patience is a virtue.
  4. Run your last lap as if it the last thing you will do in your life – It is not so much finishing first and winning gold, as much as it is putting yourself on the winning podium.

If you do not consider yourself a long distance runner, hire a coach.  It’s what winners often do.  It will increase your chance of winning and crossing the finish line by tenfold.

Are you up to the run of your life?

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