August 2009

You can hit the RESET Button, stupid!

Aug 13 2009
By: Doron York
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(Your life does comes with one)

Given my background and what I do for a living, it is difficult for me to hear over and over again, each and every day, people say, “That’s just the way things are” or “It is what it is” or “What can you do about it?”

I will let you in on a little secret; life does come with a RESET button. Although this chapter might be missing from your life manual, it is there. You do not have to keep doing things the same old way, over and over again, and hope that things will change. I guarantee you they will not. Hope is not a management strategy.

You personally control your own life. Our lives are very similar to the computers we use daily. When we originally bought them, they came with all the software we needed and they worked as they were designed to. Over time we have downloaded cookies, added software and plug ins etc… And suddenly, now it’s not working as it used to, slow, sluggish, and full of errors.

Well, on the computer we can push the RESET and it goes back to the default settings. I am here to tell you that life can work in the same manner.

Sitting on the sideline “HOPING” that the economy will turn itself around so you will be happy AGAIN is in effect doing the same thing over and over. Your life my friend is in your hands, not anyone else’s. Not your president, your CEO, your business partner, your boss, your coworkers or your significant other or even for that matter a higher power.

Here is a theory to consider. I call it “Stop-Change-Start.”

Stop – doing what is NOT working. If you are honest with yourself, you know exactly what it is that is not working. Just simply stop. Change- chose a different path. Do not walk the familiar trail; it will lead you to same places you have been before. Start- acting as the person you aspire to be. If you want to BE different ACT different. As William Shakespeare said and I am paraphrasing; “Life is a stage and we are the characters in our own play”.

It is time to write your own play exactly the way you see or dream it. The life you should have, deserve to have, the one day someday life. You will see that it is magical and liberating to act upon it.

Reinventing oneself is the ability to dream yourself into your own life and then to WILL it into existence i.e. act into it as if the world was your stage.

Now here is the reality check; the world does not care if you change or not. If you do not change or evolve you will fade into the background as if you never existed, feeding on the memories of what you did NOT do in your life. You will not get a second run, not to my knowledge at least.

So relax, your life is like a magnificent, elegant yet powerful Porsche 911 GT2. After all it is the ultimate driving machine that, like you is built to perfection, a piece of art. The only way to enjoy it is to drive it as it was meant to be driven, and I will tell you it meant to be driven with your feet off the brakes. If it gets you a speeding ticket, oh.. what the hell, it was probably worth it.

Wake up; hit it, the Reset button that is. It is never too late, ever. Your life is waiting, do not be late!

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