June 2006

Executive Coaching

Jun 19 2006
By: Doron York
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CS No. 040222 – Software Provider. A $1M Health Care software development company in Farmington Hills, MI.

The Engagement:

Coaching a struggling CEO in order to put his company on a path of profitable growth.

The Challenges

After 7 years of operating the company, which was struggling to cause a significant growth in revenue and market share, the company is facing the following challenges:

  • Lack of ability to cause significant revenue growth
  • The revenue stream is insufficient to cover operating expenses and to provide the owners with average yearly income
  • Lack of ability to penetrate a larger market share
  • Creating an effective marketing strategy and marketing management
  • No proactive sales approach
  • Some level of frustration on behalf of management and some sense of resignation
  • To reinvent the company that will live and operate beyond its founders

The critical question: Does the management team have the confidence and know how that is required to cause the breakthrough?

The Predictable Future

  • The company will continue to struggle in its attempt to grow the business with a high level of frustration
  • The revenue will continue to grow in a very unsatisfactory rate
  • The financial state of the company will stay the same and more likely deteriorate

The company owners created the following breakthrough targets:

  • 230% increase in total revenue
  • 200% increase in hourly billing
  • 300% increase in the number of active contract
  • Create a consistency in owners compensation on a monthly basis
  • 100% increase in owners personal net worth

The Results!

After a year of coaching we produced some remarkable breakthroughs towards the company’s future:

  • 186% increases in total revenue
  • 128% increases in hourly billing
  • 220% increases in the number of active contract
  • Created a consistency in owners compensation on a monthly basis
  • 35% increases in owners personal net worth

What did the client say?

“It is very difficult to measure the return on investment for this remarkable transformation. It is significantly more than 10 fold and over the next 5-10 years will be beyond measure.”

Managing Director – New Product Development

The R.O.I

Based on the year end financials, the breakthroughs coaching generated 4 times R.O.I.

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