November 1999

Case Study - Senior Executive Coaching

Nov 28 1999
By: Doron York
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CS No. 991128 – Automotive A Tire -1 Automotive Supplier in Plymouth, MI.

The Engagement

Coaching a newly promoted EVP to lead the company’s most critical business unit.

The Challenges

In 1998, the company diversified to offering a wide range of automotive components. The company’s rapid growth created a breakdown in the delivery and fulfillment process and more critically to the outstanding reputation it had established with major clients.

  • The increased demand for the company’s products created the need to build a New Product Development team
  • The challenge was how to establish a New Product Development process that would be responsive and immediately meet the rapidly growing need

The Predictable Future

Without any intervention or re-invention of a new direction, the company will continue to:

  • Scramble to manage the existing customers requests
  • Operate without a define process
  • Reinventing the existing products
  • Suffer low utilization of existing designs
  • Compromise the overall quality of new products

The overall predictable direction will jeopardize the potential growth of the company and any new market opportunities.

The Breakthrough Target

  • Increase utilization of existing designs from 30% to 80%
  • 100% turnover from idea to concept development
  • 50% turnover from concept to full product development
  • Establish a reliable and proven rapid development process
  • New Product Development team will be recognized for its innovation and will enhance the company brand

The Results!

After 10 months of coaching and development, the company produced the following results:

  • Established a powerful New Product Development process
  • Created a comprehensive company “Design Store” that affording high utilization of past and current designs
  • Increased the utilization of existing designs from 30% to 68%
  • Over 35% turnover from concept to full development
  • Recognized as an industry leader in the interior automotive market and won numerous awards for innovation and quality

What did the client say?

“It is very difficult to measure the return on investment for this remarkable transformation. It is significantly more than 10 fold and over the next 5-10 years will be beyond measure.”

Senior Vice President – New Product Development

The R.O.C

The company’s management team reported 10 times R.O.C.

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